Jul 072017

After a marathon game of Eldritch Horror the night before, Thursday got off to a slow start. In order to ease into the day we dropped by the Cool Stuff Inc ding and dent sale to scout out some deals. 

Spying a reduced price on Shadows of Brimstone, I decided it was time to get in! I’m looking forward to build those miniatures and get the first play down. 

From a gaming perspective we were able to get in a game of Tin Goose, an excellent game bringing the flavor of the early development of airlines to the table. The mechanics of crash risk, oil costs and labor strikes were an elegant touch. 

Later in the evening we opened up our copy of SPI’s John Carter Warlord of Mars, still in shrink after 38 years. You can find that video in the twitter feed. 

The evening was wrapped up with a late game of Galactic Emperor. 

Tomorrow we may get Star Trek Ascendancy or BattleLore to the table. Looking forward to more fun!