Jul 062017

The rush hour din was still ringing when we began caravaning north from South Florida towards Orlando. Destination: the manor gaming convention in the state, Dice Tower Con. 

With a brief stop over in Boynton Beach to pick up another member of the contingent we made our way north through intervening traffic and under threat of an upcoming “lane blockage” which our trusty google maps indicated ahead. 

Arrival was uneventful but the first day parking was tight. We found a spot and begun the unloading process. The cargo contained:

  • Time of Crisis (GMT games). I had playtested this title a bit and looking forward to a play brought with my official copy. 
  • Eldritch Horror (Fantasy Flight Games). My daughters favorite and a title that is a must play on those rates occasions we get the gang all-together. 
  • ASL Starter Kit 1 & 3 (MMP). One of my fellow grognards in the clan and I have a hard time getting in sessions of this two player tactical wargame. This is the place for it!
  • Mega BattleLore (Fantasy Flight Games). The 1st edition on steroids. House rules and over 300 figures. This is a Saturday play for six. 
  • Star Trek Ascendency (Gale Force Nine) while we had hoped to see the expansions before DYC, it’s still a favorite for us. One of the best Trek 4X games ever. 
  • John Carter Warlord of Mars (SPI). An old favorite from our youth. We always like to do one “nostalgia” game. 

After some dinner at the nearby Olive Garden we hit the game hall for some five player Eldritch Horror. A serious tangle with Ithaqua commenced lasting five and a half hours. Typically these games end in a loss, but even after losing three investigators the team pulled it out with the indefatigable Lilly Chen putting the final Eldritch token on the third mystery. Satisfying. 

Now on to day two…